The End!


The end of the school year sounds like a great time for reflection, but I’ve been thinking about the year ahead for weeks! Mainly about how I’m going to balance a Masters degree with full time work, building a house, raising a child, and general life! My answer has been to just not think about it too much, but be ridiculously prepared. I have everything I can foresee I will need for my Year 12s in Term 1 ready to go already – that’s ridiculous even for a super organiser like me. I think at any point next year if things get too much I’ll plan a bit more of my long service leave in Term 4 – a huge silver lining to focus on. At the moment I plan to:
Go to Tasmania for a family holiday
hobartVisit Anna in Kuala Lumpur
Batu CavesDo some volunteering in Nepal
nepalTry and make a short film
Alice's Baby

At least that’s what I hope my LSL will look like! For now the year ended on a high – my last interaction with any student was a Year 9 who came up to me with a big box of chocolates and told me how much his writing has changed over the year and how grateful he was for that. Awesome. : )

Happy End Of School Year!


Awesome list of web tools


I was working with some colleagues today and was about to show them how to create a blog. As soon as they got together, like most teachers do, they went into sharing mode. Someone had a fantastic video version of The Snowman (see below) and explained how senior school students love it. Another colleague was telling others about Louis Theroux documentaries, which would be great for senior Media Studies. We all have great ideas (see the Amazing To Others video on my Bits & Pieces post) that are worth sharing, and I hope that with our blogs my colleagues and we will become more interconnected with sharing our resources and ideas.


My resource for this week is a list of web tools compiled by Karen Bonanno. It’s a fantastic list of Web 2.0 tools with the title, a brief description, and a link. to make it even better they’re sorted into the phases of inquiry based learning. I’ll be referring to it a lot.


I don’t really have a story this week, but a link George Couros tweeted about that I took a look at made me think. It was called five things that really smart people do and while most of what was in there was simple and obvious once I’d read it, I found it a good ‘kick up my bum’ to become a better listener. I certainly fall victim to number 5 -judging the messenger rather than the message. I’ll leave you with an awesome music video parody a colleague showed me about being mid 30s (has some great digs at blogging in it).