The End!


The end of the school year sounds like a great time for reflection, but I’ve been thinking about the year ahead for weeks! Mainly about how I’m going to balance a Masters degree with full time work, building a house, raising a child, and general life! My answer has been to just not think about it too much, but be ridiculously prepared. I have everything I can foresee I will need for my Year 12s in Term 1 ready to go already – that’s ridiculous even for a super organiser like me. I think at any point next year if things get too much I’ll plan a bit more of my long service leave in Term 4 – a huge silver lining to focus on. At the moment I plan to:
Go to Tasmania for a family holiday
hobartVisit Anna in Kuala Lumpur
Batu CavesDo some volunteering in Nepal
nepalTry and make a short film
Alice's Baby

At least that’s what I hope my LSL will look like! For now the year ended on a high – my last interaction with any student was a Year 9 who came up to me with a big box of chocolates and told me how much his writing has changed over the year and how grateful he was for that. Awesome. : )

Happy End Of School Year!


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