Off We Go!

The school year has begun, and I’m in that phase of not knowing yet quite what the year will be like. I had a student yesterday after class stop me in excitement to tell me what he was planning for the task I set, and another this morning getting furious with me because I had no interest in listening to what was a blatant lie. What I find (and I’m sure many others experience this) is that it’s the second interaction I’m spending all my mental energy on. Why do we do that? To combat this negative feeling I decided to come to my blog and look for inspiration. My thoughts immediately turned to a wonderful video Amanda Isherwood forwarded me last year about the power of words. It’s a wonderful reminder of what we are truly aiming to do in English.

There is also this wonderful video forwarded to me by Jonathan Scobie about the demands and implications veiled in euphemistic politeness, which is a lot of fun.

Checking my sticky note, there’s also some useful resources I’ve made note of, such as Karen Bonnano’s Using Google Research Tools, and some introductory videos about flipping the classroom. This is something I want to get into because, as the speaker of the first video said lecturing to students is an inefficient way of teaching a diverse group of learners and it’s exhausting.

Focusing on something positive, fun, and a way to improve my practice has already made me feel better. Must focus on the positive!