Mind Maps, Ethos, & Memes

I have to make a concept map about what I’ve gained about studying leadership for my uni course, so last night I decided to check out Karen Bonanno’s list of web tools that support inquiry based learning and try out some of the free mind mapping tools. I found Bubbl.us the most user friendly, and was able to produce the concept map below quickly and easily. Next time I have to teach students a relational concept I’ll try and do it visually with a concept map like this (I find the SmartArt objects in Word too fiddly and uncooperative).

Concept map I created with Bubbl.us.

Concept map I created with Bubbl.us.

I have always tried to avoid teaching the same thing over and over because a) I get bored, b) that boredom shows through in reduced energy and passion, and c) it’s a great way to ensure I’m continually adapting courses to suit students and pedagogical skills I’ve learned. As I have become increasingly time pressured, I’ve realised this has become a ‘lofty’ ideal. I need to develop strong units of work that I continually cycle, improve, adapt, modify, etc. This is where wikispaces has been fantastic. It’s incredibly easy (although time consuming) to set up units of work and then change them as necessary to suit student cohorts and changes I’m making to my teaching practice. Time to get more serious about them! I’ve just started a wiki for my year 10 English class, and have put on work from the Ethos unit we just did. I found it a great way to reflect on the unit: what worked, what didn’t, what to keep, what to cut, what to add, etc. And, if I want to teach it again, it’s ready to go.

Had a small victory with a student who was incredibly stressed because she put ridiculous pressure on herself to succeed. I knew there was no point convincing her As aren’t everything, so sat her down and showed her the work of a student who got an A- (asked that student’s permission first!) for the task the class just got back to show her the minimum standard required to achieve an A. I noticed a sharp difference in her behaviour in class straight away. More relaxed, more willing to ask questions, able to have a laugh. I thought of it because I always keep past A standard Year 12 work in example folders to make it clear to them what standard is required – they find it incredibly helpful.

End Note
I want to get in to memes to add a bit of fun into dry material. There’s plenty of meme creation sites such as quickmeme. Eg this one I just put on the Ethos unit page:

Using memes to spice up work.

Using memes to spice up work.


3 thoughts on “Mind Maps, Ethos, & Memes

  1. Nice work Bec. I agree that wikis are a great way to keep refining and refreshing our curriculum. I’m working hard to make the pages looks and navigate better – they’re not as fancy as weebly seems to be but I’ve put so much into the wikis now that there’s no going back! Like Macbeth.

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