Entering the world of Podcasts! (Need help.)

In danger of sounding like the smug teenager in the Uncle Toby’s oats commercial (below) who arrogantly assumes her discovery is new per se because it’s new for her, I have just discovered podcasts! I was becoming frustrated with radio because I hate commercial stations, love Triple J but it’s being repetitive at the moment, and apologies to any AM fans but I find it just too boring. I’ve also just moved house and reduced my drive to 20 minutes. Join these facts this with loving TED videos but never having time for them, listening to podcasts has been born!

And so far I love listening to them. Yesterday I listened to Emmanuel Jal discuss life after being a child solider, music, and his hopes for Africa’s future. Today I listened to Ken Robinson hit the nail on the head in discussing the drawbacks of standardised testing and the direction education would be better heading. (Both are below.) I can see this can revolutionise my drives to work!

While this is all fantastic, in the spirit of the usual time poor teacher I would love some help. Firstly, I’ve signed up to Ted and TedEd via the podcast app on my iPhone, but it plays the video and thus chews up a lot of megabytes. Any suggestions of a better way so vodcasts are solely podcasts on the podcast App? Also, what are some great podcasts to sign up for? (My foci are English, education, Media Studies.) Thanks. ♥


New Bloggers to the Blogging World + more

Today I ran my second e-portfolio training session, so now have a large interconnected network of staff at this school. The challenge now will be to maintain momentum and provide incentives for them to keep going with it. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the blogs and the amazing resources everyone has to share, super exciting! Thanks to George Couros for coming to Adelaide and getting this started. Here are St John’s’ brand new bloggers:

Ian     Fliss     Carolyn     Deb     Carlee     Brendan     Amy     Dawn

Thanks again to Col for his help, Ian and Billsy for helping it happen, and Julie and the canteen for feeding us! 🙂

Keep on blogging!

Keep on blogging!

One tool I’m loving even though it’s superficial, is memes. I’ve mentioned them before, but have found this great site documenting the history of the ‘grumpy cat’ phenomenon, which is great for teaching Media students about viral media.

A fantastic resource I’ve been directed to is English For The Australian Curriculum. It provides units of work aligned to the Australian Curriculum for particular year levels. I need to take the time to explore this properly, eg found some great material to add to my ethos unit.

e-portfolio session

I have six awesome staff learning to make e-portfolios today! Amanda, Tara, Andrew, Vinder, Helen, and Kate. To follow along with the instructions go to this google doc. I’d like to thank them for their energy, jokes, (singing!) and willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to improve their practice. I’d also like to than Ian and Billsy for allowing it to happen, Julie & Alison for our lovely lunch, and Colin for his great help.

Just a reminder to all to put your creative commons license on the blog and to try and use images with a creative commons license by using the creative commons search.