Celebrating Student Work

Celebrating Student Work

Publicly celebrating student work in English is sometimes challenging. English essays don’t have the same pizzazz as Drama performances. English narratives don’t have the same visual appeal of Art exhibitions. English orals just aren’t as engaging as Music concerts. But, I had a light bulb moment this year. Here was the formula:

Read a terrible horror fiction collection in the holidays in preparation for the horror fiction unit I was doing with my Year 12s – it was terrible!
The Year 12s’ work was much better than the published collection.
Looking for a way to fundraise for a orphanage I am going to in Nepal in November.
Professional publication of a horror fiction narrative collection!

Of my 35 Year 12s 27 volunteered their story for the collection, and with some editing, use of a Year 12’s Art project for the cover, and printing from Print Matters, voila! I fantastic celebration of their amazing stories in a way that has pizzazz, visual appeal, and is engaging. Here’s the front cover (right side is front, left side is back when printed):

Horror Fiction Narrative Collection Cover

Horror Fiction Narrative Collection Cover

It will be great to have a tangible and professional result that the students can be proud of. What have you done to publicly acknowledge student work? Would love more ideas!

Completely Unrelated!

Out of curiosity, wondering if any of you have tried Tapout? By the time I’ve finished work, got home, done dinner etc, and got my daughter to bed it’s 7:30 – too dark to go jogging, and I’m too tired to then go out to the gym. So we bought Tapout and we’re loving it. Just chuck it in when our daughter’s in bed. We don’t know anyone else who’s given a go though!


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