Horror Fiction – English Assignment Brought to Ghoulish Life

Death & Dismay – Horror Fiction Fundraiser

Front CoverHello, and a warm hello to anyone who’s come here from hearing my students on ABC radio. I went to Sunrise Children’s Orphanage in Nepal in November to volunteer, and am doing a fundraiser to further contribute to their fantastic organisation. I decided to combine this with an idea I’ve had for a long time, which is to create a professional publication of Year 12 English Communication students’ narratives.

We have created the horror fiction collection Death & Dismay. It includes 27 chilling tales all told within 1000 words (SACE word limit), so it’s the perfect pick up put down read. The cover art is also by one of the Year 12 students (pictured above). It’s perfect bound, A4 size, and copies are $17. So if you’re looking for a collection of example narratives for your students, love horror fiction, or know someone who does, grab a copy! 100% of profits will go to Sunrise Children’s Orphanage.

To get a copy go to:

  • stjohnspayment.com.au/events.php
  • Put your postal address in Family ID
  • Select English Short Stories in Event
  • Cost is $17 (includes postage cost)
  • Email me at rhunt@stjohns.sa.edu.au to let me know.
  • A copy will be posted to you.

Thankyou for your support of this fundraiser!


4 thoughts on “Horror Fiction – English Assignment Brought to Ghoulish Life

    • I couldn’t tell which Toni Curtis you were on Facebook. Perhaps the one who’s like Florence & The Machine? I don’t mind saying here because the location is on the web link anyway. It’s in Gurje, very close to Pokhara. From your Gravatar image you’ve been there? I just watched Michael Palin’s Himalayas series the other day to have a proper glimpse of the area, and Pokhara looks amazing.

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