Flipping The Classroom

Flipping The Classroom

Flipping The Classroom

I am about to flip. While yes reports and exams are looming it’s not the ‘go crazy’ flip but the educational methodology flip. I am now feeling confident enough with online learning tools environments to try ‘flipping the classroom’. To prepare intellectually I made it the focus of my last two assignments my Masters in Teacher Librarianship, and to prepare emotionally I have been looking at inspiring role models around the world. I also went to a workshop about it at the SAETA conference by Jarrod Johnson recently. I’m set to go, and yet I’m pausing.

I think the hesitation is due to the fact I’m aware it is a huge investment of time and energy, and a complete restructure of my role as an educator. Even though I have gradually been moving away from content delivery mechanism to learning facilitator, flipping is a whole other level. Content delivery appeals to the ‘control freak’ in me, and learning facilitator is making me trepidatious.

I just have to take a deep breath and jump. I did one small thing that I have been scared to try last night – online clothes shopping. While I’m feeling brave, it’s time to start planning some flipping for Term 3.

Have you flipped?


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