Flipping The Classroom: Second Week Complete

Just a few notes about the past week’s flipping the classroom trial:


After an improvement in homework there was a dip back to 50% for Friday’s homework. It is interesting to note that there is a definite Friday dip, as though that homework tends to be forgotten. I’ve now recorded enough nights to start to see a pattern in who does/doesn’t do their homework; handy information to have. I’ve used three methods of checking homework so far: checking their reflection is done on the google doc, running a quiz with Nearpod, and posting on the wikispace discussion board. The reflections and posts were quick and easy to check, and tangible – students had done it or they hadn’t. The quiz was time consuming and intangible, but lots of fun. To make such a quiz more tangible in terms of recording homework completion I’d have to use something that records answers for me like survey monkey or a google form.

Ease Of Access

I did have one student whose home internet went down for a few days, so had to help him come up with alernate strategies for homework completion. Other than that access has been smooth.

Quality of Reflections

With the increase in homework completion I have seen a definite increase in the quality of input from students in class discussions and one on one discussions. The breadth of videos they have been made to watch also seems to have fired enthusiasm for performance poetry as an art form and an understanding of the range of topics and styles there are.

Time With Students

Now that students are writing their own performance poem scripts, I’m noticing a big increase in the amount of one on one time I’m giving students – going around individually and helping them with their concepts and scripts. Because I can give them any further examples or tips as homework, eg the tips from the Snap Judgment page, I’m engaging in more one on one support. It’s great!


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