Flipping The Classroom: Third Week Complete

A few notes after week 3 of my flipping the classroom trial:


The next lesson follow up after set homework has continued to be a focus for me – finding ways to tangibly and fairly check the homework and provide reflection or consolidation where necessary. I did just have the best percentage of completion yet for a Friday homework (87%), which is great. They are well into creating their performance poetry piece now, so checking was simply a matter of looking at how much work they’d done (they had to have enough of a rough draft that it would take them at least three minutes to say).

Catch Up

Having strict homework records has also meant having better records of absentees. Because I have structured the flipped unit to be easily followed on a wiki page, I have found they are easily able to catch up on lessons and I can easily provide direction on what they have missed.

Time With Students

I am now noticing a marked difference in the amount of one on one time I am spending with students. Eg in today’s lesson after checking homework (which I’d made tangible and quick & easy to do), I went from student to student role modeling how to make a couple of their sentences more powerful (talking through what I was doing and why, and why the audience would find that more effective). I want to give a lesson about turning sentences into visual images, so in the spirit of the flipped classroom I will have to create a video so that that can be homework and I can continue to give one on one help during lessons. I have my updated version of Camtasia now, so no excuses.

Camtasia Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License

Camtasia Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License


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