Flipping The Classroom: Fourth Week Complete


Following the 87% completion rate last week, there was a 33% completion rate one night this week. It seems that the Friday lunch detention is not much of a deterrent. I used a quiz on Google Form this week to check completion, which was a quick and easy way of doing it.

Creating A Video

I now have my new version of Camtasia so I made a video last week (below). Here’s a collation of the feedback from the students and myself:

  • Need to break the video up into smaller segments. The length (10:47) overall was fine, but 5 minutes, quiz, 5 minutes, quiz would be better.
  • No need to use the function where they can see me talk.
  • The pop ups were great for highlighting key points and making it a little more interesting, feel free to use more.
  • All the stumbles and pauses were edited out (much appreciated by the students!).

I’m in the process of collating some more tips on a wiki.

Time With Students

I’ve had some fantastic one on one time with students because of flipping. Eg instead of delivering a lecture to students about how to improve their writing which, unedited, would be more like 20 minutes, they watched that video for homework and I spent those 20 minutes giving one on one help. In these sessions I was able to open students’ eyes to the amazing transformation their work can undergo with deliberate use of techniques. It has been incredibly valuable.


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