Flipping The Classroom: Sixth And Final Week Complete


Specific homework to be set that could be tangibly checked became less frequent as the unit progressed (ie how do you easily and quickly tangibly check students’ rehearsals). The one checkable homework last week had a 50% completion rate. It’s such a pity as those who tried out the power stances in the video said they were great. (It was a long video, so I got them to watch specific parts, practise the power stances, and complete a quiz via google form.)

Student Feedback

Given that the unit is complete, I asked students for their feedback:

The Negative
  • One student said he was banned from the internet during the unit (playing games when he should have been working), which affected his ability to complete homework.
The Positive
  • The students liked being able to work on assignments in class with teacher available for help.
  • They also liked learning tips for homework and then applying them during the next lesson while the teacher was available for help.
  • One student commented that he liked having a substantial length of time to work on assignments in class instead of being ‘interrupted’ with tips and activities.
  • Another student commented that he is not good at self drafting, so the frequent one on one advice about the wording of his performance poem was great.
  • An interesting comment from one student was that having a specific, tangible activity made the mental shift from working on an assignment for another subject to English easier. She said she finds switching between working on assignments for a range of subject in one evening difficult. Many other students in the class were nodding in agreement.
  • Another student stated that watching quality video examples was a great way to ease in to this style of homework and she found them inspiring.
The Wikispace
The students liked:
  • The colour scheme to help with navigation.
  • That everything was externally linked (even the same Google doc being linked every time it was mentioned).
  • The Google Doc – found it a great way to collate everything in one place instead of having lots of files / handouts / retrieval points. They especially liked how I constantly shifted tables around so that the one they needed most was always at the top.


The ultimate question was is, considering the time and effort in preparation required, flipping the classroom worth the effort. In my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes.