Upcoming National AATE Conference


I admit it, I am a conference geek. I absolutely love the inspiration, the fresh ideas, and the collaboration that takes place at conferences. Of course there’s the lovely book stalls to browse through, all the fantastic resources I wish I could afford, and the amazing keynote speakers. So I’m excited to spending the first week of the holidays at the National AATE Conference. I have just signed up for the literary breakfast with Phil Cummings just to make the experience even more fun. He was my nanna’s neighbour growing up, so I always get a warm feeling of positive energy when I hear about how he’s going (like his book Ride, Ricardo, Ride! has just been shortlisted for the 2016 Children Book of the Year Awards) and love to hear him give talks.


Phil Cummings

The conference program looks amazing and I’m going to be spoilt for choice. There appears to be a lovely mix of the practical (eg Kelli McGraw’s Project Based Learning – Making it Work for the English Classroom) and the conceptual (eg Andy Goodwyn’s Is it ‘Critical Literacy’ or ‘Personal Growth’ or a bit of both? What do English teachers believe in about the purpose of English?) Time to get my English geek on, see you there!



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