Teaching and Learning


Content in this category evidences my ability to cover standard 3 of AITSL’s National Professional Standards for Teachers “plan for and implement effective teaching and learning”. For each subcategory I will provide at least one example of how I achieve that standard.

3.1  Establish challenging learning goals

In Stage 1 Media I inspire students to produce high quality products by establishing authentic audiences for their product work wherever possible. This can be done by getting students to enter competitions (eg the International Youth Silent Film Festival), taking a cross curricular approach (eg making music videos for music students’ original work), or engaging in a real world project (eg promoting the international student program at the school). This helps students engage with, and value, their learning.

3.2  Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

I give my 12 English Communications students a semester outline at the start of each semester so they have all their due dates in advance to help with their planning. I also give them a term outline at the beginning of each term so they know what we’ll be doing each lesson and can come prepared. Their course it structured so that, as close as practical, we start with genres at the lower end of the genre taxonomy and work towards those at the higher end.

I structure each component of Stage 1 Media Studies so that there is a lot of information, support,and  examples for each unit of learning. As much as is practical I connect the work to real life experiences and practical application, and immerse students in the topic. For example in the careers unit I support students in understanding the wealth of career options available to them in the Media industry. I organise excursions and guest speakers. In 2016 students went on the ABC Collinswood Centre Tour, toured BestFX sound studio, had a representative of Rising Sun Pictures come in and talk about careers, and had sports journalist Ollie Geal come in as well.

3.3  Using teaching strategies

I now use online learning environments for all classes (some are still in development). I use wikispaces as I find it highly flexible and easy to use.
Stage 2 English
Stage 1 English
Stage 1 Media Studies
10 English

3.4  Select and use resources

I have run multiple sessions with staff about the range of ICT resources available to help students engage in learning. I have run sessions on using Pinterest, blogs as eportfolios, wikispaces, and flipping the classroom.

3.5  Use effective classroom communication

I aim to be an engaging speaker, imbuing my voice, face and body language with contagious energy and enthusiasm to encourage students to take interest. I use non verbal behaviour management cues so that the flow of the teaching is not disrupted.

3.6  Evaluate and improve teaching programs

At the conclusion of each year, at the end of each unit when time permits, I seek feedback from students the units. I discuss with students discuss completion time, sufficiency of resources to support their learning, learning activities, assessment tasks, topics, etc. I also personally and carefully evaluate all units of work; improving them, changing them, or filing them away as necessary.

3.7  Engage parents/carers in the educative process

Using File Maker Pro means that at the end of an assessment students receive a PDF via email with information on how they performed against the performance standards, a final mark and grade, and an evaluative comment identifying their key strengths and weaknesses. All parents/guardians whose email are on the school database simultaneously receive this PDF, allowing them to have regular feedback on their child’s achievement throughout the year.


Blank Example of Assessment PDF



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